Monday, March 9, 2009

WatchMen – Full of Win? Or Full of Sin?

Well, I watched Watchmen last night. I sat through two hours of awesome special effects and nudity that some have said should give the movie an NC-17 rating. Was the nudity that bad? Well, not quite in my opinion. Awkward? Yes, just a tad. Dr. Manhattan sent surges off giggles through the theatre every time they showed his package. I haven’t read the graphic novel and don’t know if I will ever check it out, but I must say that I wish it could have been faster. Some have said that WatchMen was “made of win.” However, the movie failed to win me over completely. There were really cool scenes and there were scenes that seemed too long, reminding me of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, where awkward glances between Frodo and Samwise seemed endless. I just wish the story could have been told faster. That’s one of my only gripes. A 90-minute movie would have sufficed and I don’t think I would have felt so robbed of my time. This movie is definitely will of win, but only to a certain extent. It’s better than Sin City for sure. If you didn’t like Sin City you probably won’t like this, however, I will say that WatchMen felt very comic book-like, as I believe it was supposed to. This movie had so much potential, too… Guess I’ll watch the X-Men trilogy to remind myself how awesome movies based on comics can be, even if the first X-Men movie wasn’t great.


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