Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Week Of P90X: COMPLETE!


Here I am, one week into the P90X workout plan. Got off at a great start at the beginning of the routine, but in the middle of the week I learned some hard lessons about hydration, food intake, and sleep: All are much needed to succeed when it comes to this workout plan.

This weekend I decided to ditch the chicken and ate tons of sashimi for lunches and dinners. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... sashimi... it's so good. However, anyone out there who eat sushi knows that the bill and get expensive ordering a lot of that stuff.

So, here I am, at the end of day 7, on the cusp of day 8, and days away from Thanksgiving. Random and I went to check out that movie called "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" and I must say that it was a good flick. However, dramas are not my thing because they usually end up making people ball out of control, in a bad way lol... Puns...

I'm on Bleach Episode 84 now! I hope to be able to get to episode 100 by the end of this week.


Friday, November 21, 2008

My, how time flies....

Location: Mama Java's
Mental Status: still kinda cloudy
Status of my body: beat

I am on my iPhone so please pardon the typos.

I am sitting here with my oatmeal with soymilk and raisins. Lisa, the
lovely barista-master gave me some brown sugar too. But today I am
staying away from it for fear of taking a crap on my recent progress.
As far as the p90x is concerned, it is doing it's job. I looked in the
mirror today and noticed the change in my arms. When my shirt is off I
swear my abs are getting easier to notice. I can't complain.

However, what I CAN complain about is the fact that this diet is
teaching me a very important thing about my body: it is really like a
machine, like a trainer will tell you. As much as I want to eat
whatever I want whenever I get hungry, that habit is not the way to go
on this diet.

Two days ago I skipped dinner. In fact, what I did was push dinner all
the way to AFTER my workout. That means that I went without eating for
over 6 hours without food, worked out at 10 pm and then tried to make
up for not eating by eating after I was doing with the Plyo workout.

My coach Jeff is going to kick my ass when he reads this. ... I was
literally setting myself up for the UTTERLY horrid day that followed. :(

I tried to wake up at 4 like usual but couldnt. You know what I felt
like, what image now comes to mind? I felt like lead mario...after
being tossed into the ocean. I couldn't move. So I figured I would
sleep a few more hours and be okay. Wrong again. I walked into work 6
hours late walking like Frankenstein. That's what my coworkers called

I kept getting dizzy, the whole 9 yards. It was horrible. I am a lot
better today but can't stay without food for too long while on this

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

P90X Day 2: Completed!

Good morning, world!

I am totally sore today. I realized way after completing Day 2's exercises that we did the wrong workout. We did shoulders and arms instead of plyometrics... No wonder the workout burned so much. But hey, we go through that and are ready to do the Plyometrics today. Dietwise, I have also not strayed at all. I am kind of afraid that I will eat something off of my plan on accident. I don't know why, but I've done it before. I've grabbed something and started eating it, only realizing afterward that I had eaten something off of my plan.

It's really hard to do that this time around. I'm surrounded by food that is on my plan. Yogurt, fruit, protein powder, chicken, veggies. I don't really get "hungry" anymore either. I eat on a time schedule now: every 2 - 3 hours....

I recorded my J-Show segment this morning. I hope you are all ready for that: Listen to the JSHOW tonight!

I'm hitting the studio tonight. Let's see what happens!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

P90X Day 2 - Completed!

Okay... so, I'm going to just say this now and get it out of the way: Oatmeal with Protein powder is the nastiest breakfast on the planet. I tried this morning, again, to eat a 3/4 cup of oatmeal laced with protein, and it took me around 20 minutes to work it all into my tummy. I really think that I should look for an alternative for breakfast. Can egg whites be microwaved? Hmmm... should they even be microwaved? My dad showed me at an early age that anything was possible when he cooked hamburgers in the microwave. I don't have a stove to cook on, so the microwave is my savior (like M.I.M.S. but doper lol)...

About the workout last night. I T - K I C K E D - M Y - A S S! I wanted to call my buddy Konshuu and scream at him for planting the P90X seed in my brain... that is, until after the workout I could already feel my chest and back twitching with the burn of a good workout. Last night's workout was superb. I can't even do a full pull-up or chin-up right now. Think that stopped me? Haha...nope. I did what they did on the DVD: I assisted myself with a chair and cranked out 3 - 5 each time. Next time, I want to see how many I can do.

I told Konshuu the day before starting that I was already getting discouraged, even before I had a chance to try the exercises out, because I had tried to do a full pull-up and failed. It's amazing what the mind will tell you when you can't do something. I was ready to say, "Ya know, what Konshuu, I don't think this is for me." But I think I was proactively bringing the subject up to him so that I wouldn't talk myself out of starting this workout plan. Konshuu didn't want to hear that LOL... He reminded me of what I already know: I WILL GET STRONGER. IF I FOCUS ON "FAILURES" THEN I WILL NEVER SUCCEED.

I was surprised yesterday morning, when I checked my e-mail to find one from Konshuu saying "Congrats for starting!" He gave me some helpful tips to use throughout the day and reminded me to focus on what I can do, not what I can't. I made sure to take Day 1 Photos....and they will be stashed away forEVER!!!! HAHAHHAAHAHAHA....


Sunday, November 16, 2008

P90X - Day Zero

Okay... Most of the shopping has been done for the P90X Phase 1. I don't know if I'm going to commit to the whole 90 days. What if I whimp out? Hmmm... I don't know. Well, I'm definitely in if for Phase 1... that's 30 days.

Had a Piadini this AM...from Starbucks. I mean, why not kinda splurge today if it's the last day of old me? hahah... Well, here's what the fridge looks like:

Saturday, November 15, 2008



Okay…  so I have run away from the last coffee shop.  Now, I am sitting here waiting for my boy Konshu to arrive so we can chop it up over some OJ.  I told ya'll that my Friday was going to be my relax time.  I went to coffee shop #1, started to get cozy, and then lost focus.  I didn't feel like hearing any loud music and figured the Bean would be the best place to go.  The result is satisfactory, though I am sitting here with my own music blasting in my headphones.  Gotta drown this guy out.


Back to the subject at hand:  the P90X Workout plan. 


My good old buddy KONSHU has introduced the p90x program to my life and I am going to give it a shot, starting on Monday, 11/17/08.  I really want to give it a shot.  Have any of you out there tried it?  At first I thought Konshu was blowing smoke, but he's losing weight and I wanna tone up and lose some inches.  I went out this morning and bought all the food I need for like the first week or two.  I'm starting this with my MAJA MONDAY side sick, Deon.  He's in great shape as it is, the bastard…  but hey if you can't beat 'em join 'em right? 


I took my "BEFORE" photos today.  I ain't postin' them either.  Hahahaha… Maybe I will post them up when I can stand next to them and laugh at them with you.  Hahaha…  I am getting really pumped about this.  The last time I had a beer was on Halloween.  And I oddly haven't touched the stuff since.  Even now, as I stand on the precipice of change with this crazy workout and diet plan ahead, I can't make myself go over to the fridge and pop open the last few beers in my mini-fridge.  I have those new Cap' Morgans with the coke already in them. 


I don't know. 


Lately I've been avoid beers and stuff because I haven't been in the mood to feel buzzed or "tipsy."  I guess if I could control the side effects of booze I'd be more inclined to drink it right now.  I'm pretty stoked because I started working on track 2 of the Bleach project.


Wait…please tell me you know what Bleach is.  Please google it if you are lost.   Lol…  So yea, I am saddened because I need to finish watching the 100 episodes I haven't seen yet, and it's all on my hard drive that is giving me a hard time.  Well, it's not really doing anything wrong.  It's just that I can't find the power cord for it.  It sucks because I don't wanna go buy another one. 


So, today is Saturday.  It's night time now.  I am bumping HEARTLESS on repeat for no reason.  It helps me think I guess. 


~Good night

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tonight is the night...

 Today is 11/13/08.

I'm sitting here in MAMA JAVA's doing my thing:  writing.  Working on the Bleach album I've been hiding from everyone for so long.  It's coming.  Are you ready?  LOL.  Well, yea, I'm just sitting here hanging out, relaxing.  Work this week has been KICKING MY ASS.  I'm not even trying to lie.  What usually happens on weeks like this is the following:

1.)  Friday gets here and I don't know what to do with myself

I get so ecstatic that I don't feel like doing ANYTHING.  Even writing.  So, this weekend I'm going to try something different.  Like I said, this week has been hellish, but I need to channel all that frustration and release into a dope beat.

I have been catching up with Linebarrels of Iron.  Ep 6 I think is the last one I watched; of course on  I love me some  People may hate because I stalk that damn site and watch all the anime that interests me, but oh well.  I'm no millionaire.  Though, I will say that I now am a proud owner of an iPhone.  I love my iPhone.  I don't know what to name it though.  I wanna name it MAJA, but I think that would be a little redundant don't you think?

Oh... and in my defense I will say this:  I spent $80.00 on the "Platinum collection" of Neon Genesis.  So dope.  So, so dope.  Ultra dope.  However, to my dismay, I found out that a friend of a friend -who will remain utterly nameless- mentioned to me that he got the whole damned set for free.  I was a little saddened at first, but then I had to think about it:  That Neon Genesis purchase was well worth it.  I love that series.  I spent those 80 dollars with pride and conviction.  With verve.  And I don't regret it.

Just bought Kanye's "Heartless."  And with this I will state the following:  I CAN'T STAND TERRESTRIAL RADIO.  It's so damned staticy!!!!  I just bought a song and paid Kanye West 99 cents because I couldn't get a good listen to the track on the RADIO.  Okay...  I'm listening to it right now.  I like it...  it's cool... oh wait... I just got to the bridge.  There's a bridge on this track?  I think I'm as surprised as the Nerdcore community was when Zealous1 and I released that battle track with a hook on it. 

And since I've brought that up, I'll rant about "battle raps."  Who the hell says that hooks are unacceptable?  LOL...  I don't know.  I guess I just don't understand.  I don't battle rap that often.  Zealous1 says I need to do it more, but me no like battling unless I really don't like someone.  At then at that point it becomes a dis-track...  (yes, it's "dis" and not "diss"....oddly enough)...  Diss-tracks have hooks...  Well, the ones I've heard.  Oh well... rant over.

It's the coffee.  The barista gave me this coffee thingy called AMERICANO...  I don't know what the hell he was thinking, suggesting it at like 9PM on a Thursday night, but oh well... I guess I'm up now.  I'm interested to find out how many of you read all of this.

I'm really frightened about the Dragonball live-action flick coming out.  I'm afraid it's going to BOMB.  Like... in a bad way.  I'm really afraid that it's going to lose its anime feel.  PLEASE GOD DON'T LET THE PLANET DOWN. 

This song is making me wanna dance.  But I think I'd look retarded dancing in this cafe...  I come here so much that the baristas would laugh and think I was being funny.  But the rest of the folks in here would be freaked out.  Okay.  This is the end of tonight's rant.  Enjoy, ingest, and regroup. 

Obama-style, baby.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Photo test

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