Friday, November 21, 2008

My, how time flies....

Location: Mama Java's
Mental Status: still kinda cloudy
Status of my body: beat

I am on my iPhone so please pardon the typos.

I am sitting here with my oatmeal with soymilk and raisins. Lisa, the
lovely barista-master gave me some brown sugar too. But today I am
staying away from it for fear of taking a crap on my recent progress.
As far as the p90x is concerned, it is doing it's job. I looked in the
mirror today and noticed the change in my arms. When my shirt is off I
swear my abs are getting easier to notice. I can't complain.

However, what I CAN complain about is the fact that this diet is
teaching me a very important thing about my body: it is really like a
machine, like a trainer will tell you. As much as I want to eat
whatever I want whenever I get hungry, that habit is not the way to go
on this diet.

Two days ago I skipped dinner. In fact, what I did was push dinner all
the way to AFTER my workout. That means that I went without eating for
over 6 hours without food, worked out at 10 pm and then tried to make
up for not eating by eating after I was doing with the Plyo workout.

My coach Jeff is going to kick my ass when he reads this. ... I was
literally setting myself up for the UTTERLY horrid day that followed. :(

I tried to wake up at 4 like usual but couldnt. You know what I felt
like, what image now comes to mind? I felt like lead mario...after
being tossed into the ocean. I couldn't move. So I figured I would
sleep a few more hours and be okay. Wrong again. I walked into work 6
hours late walking like Frankenstein. That's what my coworkers called

I kept getting dizzy, the whole 9 yards. It was horrible. I am a lot
better today but can't stay without food for too long while on this

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