Saturday, November 15, 2008



Okay…  so I have run away from the last coffee shop.  Now, I am sitting here waiting for my boy Konshu to arrive so we can chop it up over some OJ.  I told ya'll that my Friday was going to be my relax time.  I went to coffee shop #1, started to get cozy, and then lost focus.  I didn't feel like hearing any loud music and figured the Bean would be the best place to go.  The result is satisfactory, though I am sitting here with my own music blasting in my headphones.  Gotta drown this guy out.


Back to the subject at hand:  the P90X Workout plan. 


My good old buddy KONSHU has introduced the p90x program to my life and I am going to give it a shot, starting on Monday, 11/17/08.  I really want to give it a shot.  Have any of you out there tried it?  At first I thought Konshu was blowing smoke, but he's losing weight and I wanna tone up and lose some inches.  I went out this morning and bought all the food I need for like the first week or two.  I'm starting this with my MAJA MONDAY side sick, Deon.  He's in great shape as it is, the bastard…  but hey if you can't beat 'em join 'em right? 


I took my "BEFORE" photos today.  I ain't postin' them either.  Hahahaha… Maybe I will post them up when I can stand next to them and laugh at them with you.  Hahaha…  I am getting really pumped about this.  The last time I had a beer was on Halloween.  And I oddly haven't touched the stuff since.  Even now, as I stand on the precipice of change with this crazy workout and diet plan ahead, I can't make myself go over to the fridge and pop open the last few beers in my mini-fridge.  I have those new Cap' Morgans with the coke already in them. 


I don't know. 


Lately I've been avoid beers and stuff because I haven't been in the mood to feel buzzed or "tipsy."  I guess if I could control the side effects of booze I'd be more inclined to drink it right now.  I'm pretty stoked because I started working on track 2 of the Bleach project.


Wait…please tell me you know what Bleach is.  Please google it if you are lost.   Lol…  So yea, I am saddened because I need to finish watching the 100 episodes I haven't seen yet, and it's all on my hard drive that is giving me a hard time.  Well, it's not really doing anything wrong.  It's just that I can't find the power cord for it.  It sucks because I don't wanna go buy another one. 


So, today is Saturday.  It's night time now.  I am bumping HEARTLESS on repeat for no reason.  It helps me think I guess. 


~Good night

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