Sunday, September 30, 2007

MAJA's Mind Opens...

Yo! So, this is the new blogspot for me, Maja!

I'm just going to jump into it cuz it's been a while....

Right now I'm sitting here in Starbuck's again. I can't help it. Even after re-inventing my condo and making into a more positive place, I can't help passing by this particular Starbuck's and having to come in to create something. However, this time, I'm not drinking my usual Frap... I'm drinking a huge ass cup of - get this - iced black coffee. That's right, folks, BLACK, SUGARLESS ICED COFFEE. I literally just paid like $20.00 for this cute barista to take my money and put it in her register, turn around to the coffee machine behind her, grab an empty cup, add ice to it and then pour coffee over it... Great, huh? I can't come in here for 3 hours to create without buying at least one thing. I mean, come on now, I'm using their power, their neighbor's Wi-fi, and their chair and table; it's the least that I could do right?

So, you're asking, "MAJA.... WTF? WTF are you doing drinking black iced coffee?" I'll answer you simply: it's the best thing in this place that I can drink without feeling like I'm doing my body wrong. Seriously. I want a Caramel Frap... badly. But, this coffee has the caffeine I need in it and at least some kind of flavor. I started weight training again on Monday, so I gotta make sure I watch what I'm taking in. If I don't, I'll be working out and pissed weeks or months later that I can't see any results.

Wow... caffeine... I can feel it surging through my veins... kinda... I'm a little tired right now. I busted my ass at work today and I want to go home and lay down. But I promised myself I wouldn't do that. I gots stuff to do. (Black coffee tastes like SH!T, by the way...) Sorry, the ADD is messing with me. lol... No, no, I don't have ADD, though my closest friends beg to differ. If you didn't get it, I was kinda playing with ideas of OCD at the end of my newest YouTube video, Janglish Speak (Stronger Remix). I don't know if anyone gets the joke, but CartoonMogul and I had a blast doing it. My Japanese needs work, too. I mean, I know a lot, but it's time to bump it up. Guess I should use my account at, cuz they are the bomb with their lessons.

So I performed over at Otaku University on Sunday (10/30/07) and I must say this: ARIZONA HAS MAD LOVE FOR ME! I didn't know what to expect at ALL, but when I got there, folks started walking in and sitting down to listen to me and really connected with my music. And the funny thing is the fact that I haven't even started yet. Otaku hip hop is here and I'm going to do what I can to keep that sub-genre going. DJ 2Thirteen is one the same page. You need to check him out. Zealous1 is too. And so is Random. Ya'll need to know these names folks... These folks = MAJA's folks... If you like me, you'll love them, and vice versa.

So yea, I'm working on a ton of music right now. I need to start recording at home, but I think I'll keep heading over to LES735's studio to get stuff recorded. He's a good engineer and producer that you should hit up about beats! Haha... a lot of name-dropping in this blog, but I gotta pay respects cuz they = my peeps.

What else is there to say right now? Oh yea... subscribe! Cuz this is the beginning.



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