Monday, October 8, 2007

Make your Mondays MAJA!

I'm going to post something really quick this morning to say the following:

1.) I want to be at home right now
2.) Work is about to start in about 5 minutes
3.) I want to go back home and write some songs
4.) I wish I could work from home
5.) It's Monday, meaning that I have 4 more days of work ahead of me

But now, I'm going to make this Monday MAJA... By stating the following:

1.) I have a really good job
2.) I got that new Kanye West blasting through my earphones
3.) Work is going to be over before I know it
4.) I get to prove to myself and my Boss how awesome I am
5.) I have my own album that's selling (^_^)
6.) I have fans
7.) I was in the Phoenix NewTimes less than 2 weeks ago

So yea, make this Monday and every day MAJA. Think of the good stuff in life. But the bad stuff on the backburner... ALL OF IT...

Have a MAJA Monday.



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