Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Vid = Awesome

Well, there ya go. I decided to spend some time to make a lil vid with some new tracks on it. I have Adobe Photoshop now too so I made some cool stuff with that. Right now, I'm just sitting here typing. It's getting kinda late, but I am not really ready to go to bed. Today was oddly exhausting. I comment about work more on here, but I am not trying to get fired or anything. Just know that MAJA's MAJA exhausted these days.

Oh yea... D and I beat Halo 3 last night. I'm sorry, but I'm pissed right now at Bungie. So, so piseed. Play Halo 3 to find out why. I don't do spoilers cuz I want to throw up when someone ruins stuff for me. You should have seen me waiting in line to see the last two Lord of the Rings movies... each time I was pissed cuz some dude wanted to blab about the book.... and start talking about the story that I hadn't seen or read about yet.

But yea...I'm to sleep to rant. Let's see what time it is when I make it to bed lol...



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